The Latest AR-VR Trends All Set To Remould The eCommerce Industry

3 min readJan 17, 2022

2020 marked the beginning of the digitization of thousands of merchants and the emergence of new online shoppers. This phenomenon continued in 2021 and will continue in 2022. This technological advancement influences almost every industry, and people of all age groups are well-aware of the terms AR and VR.

Even though Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have been prevalent for quite some time, there has been a noticeable influence in the corporate business sector recently. Mark Zuckerberg’s introduction of the metaverse made every Tom, Dick, and Harry anticipate the inclusion of AR and VR in everyday life.

The most coveted one in the light of pandemic challenges is the improvement of shopping experiences. People slowly started embracing the new normal, which ultimately reshaped customer behaviour towards eCommerce. Virtual and augmented reality advancements in 2021 increased the demand for its infusion in the eCommerce industry, thereby enhancing the shopping experience.

With the upcoming AR/VR trends, customers are expected to immerse themselves in a new digital world of possibilities and experiences. Experts opine that adapting augmented reality and virtual reality trends in eCommerce will help improve the buyer’s journey and result in increased conversion rates.

The scope of AR/VR technologies is beyond measure and will definitely be a footstep towards the new digital era. While the future of AR/VR technologies is unpredictable, experts have sorted out some of the possible trends that will transform the eCommerce industry. Take note of the following AR & VR trends to transform eCommerce in 2022!

● Virtual stores: COVID breakout has already changed the way people shop. The application of AR/VR in eCommerce first affects buyers’ shopping experience. With the virtual showroom and VR glasses, customers will experience products as when they are in a physical store. One of the popular automotive brands, Kia, has already started making VR a part of their business by allowing customers to explore their car models virtually.

● Virtual trial rooms: The riskiest factor people always have in mind when shopping online is size. It is said that many eCommerce stores and brands are getting ready to incorporate virtual try-on features on their online stores!

● In-store experience: Incorporating AR technologies will let customers have a great virtual tour throughout any store. AR-driven apps will also help customers optimize their shopping route, find the right location, and guide them through price discounts and comparisons.

● Augmented Reality filters: Customers mostly prefer informed purchase decisions. AR filters help them visualize the products and try them on before deciding just based on the specifications.

● Practical user manuals: Physical user manuals are always dull for most people. What if people can just scan the product and make a virtual walkthrough of the product features and set up guidelines?

No matter how small or big the product people want to purchase, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies can make it a piece of cake! While the world expects a lot of transformations to take place with the future trends in virtual reality, Zoondia is all set to help any business overcome the upcoming challenges in technology!

At Zoondia, as a custom software development company, we can help your business embrace the transition smoothly with cost-effective and efficient technological solutions. Were you thinking about enhancing your eCommerce business with AR/VR assistance? Reach us today to make it happen!

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