Mobile App Technology Reimagining Virtual Meetings And Events In KSA

3 min readApr 9, 2021


Technology Innovating Virtual Meetings And Events

The events industry is one of the industries that has been severely impacted by the pandemic crisis. In 2021, most of the sectors adapted to changes and the latest technologies as events, plans, and meetings are replaced accordingly.

Even though the COVID-19 crisis had a devastating effect on several sectors, event technology has achieved a faster phase in growth. In the face of all of these hardships, it is still standing and thriving through the upshift of event management technology through mobile apps. The future of event management is through phygital meetings, personalization, and sophisticated technology.

Mobile event and conference apps becoming a pillar of the event experience.

Zoondia, Being Top Custom Mobile App Development Company provides Apps that can help you to better plan events. It’s no wonder most of the event organizers stated that adopting a conference app that allows attendees to more effectively network, keeps everyone aware of the latest event updates.

Features of Event Management Apps:

  1. Digital event agenda
  2. One-to-one messaging
  3. Attendee profiles for networking research
  4. Speaker profiles
  5. Sponsor pages
  6. Social media integrations.

As the Best End-to-End Development Solution Provider, Zoondia ‘s mobile event and conference app increases the attendee engagement and provides real-time event performance insights. We enable a new phase of conference EVENT management in 2021

What Can Conferentia App Do For Your Event?

  • Simplify the planning process
  • Elevate the attendee experience
  • Optimize your event strategy
  • Reinforce your brand
  • Attract and track attendees with ease
  • Manage thousands of details in one place

As a Leading Provider of Business Solutions, Zoondia’s event management apps can be used to simplify how you plan for any type of event.

The apps help to save time in a cost-effective way. With the use of event planning tools, you can track and compare how much you spend on each event you plan. Event management apps collect data about attendees in order to improve the event and keep track of the event. While scheduling the event through a mobile app we can reduce manual errors and conduct the event in an easy and better manner.

The government of Saudi Arabia established the National Digital Transformation Unit in 2017, and since then the private sector has spent around $15bn on ICT infrastructure with the objective of realising the goals of Digital Saudi 2030. The Kingdom has thus adopted advanced new ways of remote working to stay ahead of its peers validating the fact that changing workplace culture matters as much as installing the right ICT infrastructure.


Unlock the potential of your future events for 2021 and beyond with the help of Conferentia and Event Management app to add value to an event for organizers, sponsors, and participants alike.

At Zoondia, our team has developed a deep understanding of the latest technologies currently available in order to help our clients design incredible events for their guests.

Whatever your business needs, we can provide you with a full range of solutions. For questions or more information, drop me an email at or contact our team



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