MHealth Support In Postpartum Depression

3 min readJun 28, 2021

Challenges that Led us for the Implementation of Solution

Mental health is a global concern for public health these days. Recent studies about mental health show that the prime cause of non-fatal troubles was mental disorders and other mental health issues driven by depressive disorders. Postpartum depression (PPD) is a treatable and most common mental disease experienced by post-natal women.

According to the Mental Health Statistics, around 10–20 per cent of pregnant women are at the risk of having postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression is highly intense, with feelings like perpetual sadness, helplessness, lethargy, and guilt. Women need treatment to relieve the complexities of postpartum depression. For this mission, Zoondia developed a Simple & effective mobile app solution for people’s mental health & well‑being for the requisites of US-based clients who were a team of psychologists.

Mobile App Solution to Overcome Postpartum Depression

It’s a mobile app developed by the Tech savvies at Zoondia by considering the needs and goals of US-based Psychologists. Our app applies behavioural, cognitive therapy implementations, and mindfulness to support patients in transforming negative and depressing thoughts into positive and inspiring ones.

The app is designed to aid in alleviating stress and assistance in coping with sorrow. It also offers games, exercises, and other engaging activities that help to uplift the frame of mind. This app is developed in popular platforms such as

  • Android
  • iOS

Approach to the Postpartum Depression App

Focused on the user experience

The mobile app is designed with a modernized look, app flows, and navigation for the best user experience. We worked closely with our in-depth design and discovery strategy to identify improvement areas and implement good practices to bestow users with an easy-to-use experience.

Enhanced Operational Support

When users forgot passwords or were locked out of their user accounts, they contacted the call centre every time. We integrated features that offer users to experience a self-serve option directly in the app, which avoids calling the customer care support team whenever a user is locked out of their accounts.

App with Immense data security

The mobile app solution is equipped with robust data security concerning patient data and its presentation. We executed diligent penetration testing to recognize vulnerabilities that affect user data and privacy safety.

Outcomes from the Mobile App Solution

We built the mobile app for providing users with a personalized experience that developed a strong foundation for our solution to attain many vital accomplishments, such as

  • A convenient user experience helped users improve their ability to handle mental anxieties due to postpartum depression.
  • A scalable product that allows seamless addition of new functions and features when the product progresses.
  • Implementation of best technical procedures and APIs to leverage app analytics for a personalized user experience
  • The mobile app solution helped many users bring back meaningful improvement in life satisfaction and fight back against negativity.

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Here are a few reasons we excel as a company with incredible talents and our experience with mobile app design and development solutions.

  • Agile, mobile app design and development Procedures
  • Proficient in Assistance with the App Store and Google Play Store
  • Efficiency in Building Customised Mobile Applications
  • Collaborative, Ingenious, and communicative client-focused approach
  • Comprehensive quality assurance testing before project going live
  • 13+ years of experience and delivered 450+ global projects in IT
  • In-house — Front-end specialists, Business Analysts, UI/UX Expert Designers
  • Rapid, cost-effective solutions for mobile app development

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