Edge Computing-Enabling A Paradigm Shift In Data Processing

Edge Computing- Transforming The Way Data Is Being Handled

Edge computing was created due to the exponential growth of IoT computers, which link to the internet for either receiving information from the cloud or sending data back to the cloud. Instead of depending on the cloud at one of a dozen data centres to do all the work, edge computing is computing that is performed at or near the source of the data.

Edge computing helps to bring processing and storage capabilities closer to where it is required. What is its significance to industries?

Data security risks, performance problems, and operating costs are all serious drawbacks to traditional cloud computing. Since most data stored in the cloud is of little use and is rarely accessed, it is a waste of money and storage space.

Applications of Edge Computing:

Autonomous Vehicles: Vehicles that use edge technologies can interact more effectively because they can communicate with each other first as opposed to sending data on collisions, weather conditions, traffic, or detours to a remote server first. Edge computing can be beneficial.

Healthcare Devices: Health monitors and other wearable healthcare devices can keep a tab on patients with chronic conditions. It can save lives by swiftly alerting caregivers when help is required.

In-hospital patient monitoring: To protect data privacy, an edge on the hospital site may process data locally. Edge also allows clinicians to receive real-time alerts of unusual patient patterns or behaviours (via analytics/AI), as well as the development of 360-degree patient dashboards for complete visibility.

Security Solutions: In real-time, security systems can detect possible threats and alert users to suspicious behaviour.

Smart grid: In factories, farms, and workplaces, sensors and IoT devices linked to an edge network is used to track and analyse energy usage in real-time.

Cloud gaming: To minimise latency and provide a completely sensitive and immersive gaming experience, cloud gaming companies are looking to develop edge servers as close to gamers as possible.

Smart homes: Backhaul and roundtrip time are reduced, and critical data can be processed at the edge, thanks to edge compute and getting processing and storage closer to the smart home.

A recent statistical report shows that the edge computing market size in the United States is set to see exponential growth over the 2017 to 2025 period. The manufacturing segment accounts for the majority of the edge computing industry in the United States, with a market value of over 306 million dollars anticipated by 2025.

The way data is handled, processed, and delivered from millions of devices around the world is changing due to the implementation of edge computing. Being one of the Top IT Consulting Services Providers, Zoondia can provide you with the best in class domain-related services for your business.

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