Can The Click And Mortar Model Augment Your Business?

According to the PwC Global Consumer Insights Survey, 49 percent of urban consumers prioritize safety. According to the same survey, 86 percent of consumers plan to continue shopping online after the pandemic restrictions are lifted.

What are Click and Mortar?

Click and mortar is an omnichannel business model in which retailers can combine and integrate their online and offline sales channels to improve the customer experience and customers’ trust. Retailers may have a website where customers can shop, but they will also have the option of purchasing products from a physical store.

Customers can enjoy the convenience of shopping online or in-person, making click and mortar more convenient and flexible for customers, as well as more competitive than retail businesses that only sell through one channel.


Integrating online and offline presence

One of the primary reasons for integrating online and offline retail is to improve the customer experience. People who sell clothes, for example, want to allow potential customers to test, touch, and see the products before ordering them. Thus the online website is used as an enticement to persuade people to visit stores where they can physically interact with the product.

Access to a more targeted audience

Companies can use the Click and Mortar strategy to expand their market reach and remove restrictions on location and product display.

More value-added services

Customers can choose the most convenient channel for receiving their products — either physically, from the pickup location, or by having the product delivered at their doorsteps. Buying guides provide pre-purchase information about a product to assist buyers in making an informed decision.

Gain Customer Trust

Customers are more likely to trust brick-and-mortar businesses than online-only stores because they can visit physical stores to try on items before purchasing them or to return damaged products. Purchasing from a web-based business carries several risks because customers may be wary of purchasing products from a company that does not have a physical address. In addition, face-to-face interactions help buyers who are skeptical of online transactions regain confidence.


Before deciding whether click and mortar are right for your retail business, consider the costs involved as well as whether your target audience would shop both online and in-store. It’s also critical to ensure that the customer experience doesn’t suffer as a result of being spread too thin between multiple storefronts.

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