AR-VR Re-Designing The Saudi Construction Industry

Immersive Technologies of AR-VR In KSA

Over the years, various surveys have shown that the construction industry, as a whole, has been notoriously slow at adopting new technologies with business owners continuing to underinvest in technology, in spite of the knowledge of the many benefits that technology can provide in carrying out their businesses and managing construction projects.

Several measures have been put in place to address the issues faced by the construction industry. Subsequently, the implementation of advanced technologies has been accepted as the most effective and permanent solution to these issues.

Over recent years, there has been a shift from the usage of BIM, telematics, mobile devices and software applications that had been in use in the construction industry. At present, various emerging technologies like VR and AR, robots, drones, 3D printing, the Internet of things (IoT), wearables and autonomous vehicles are all being adapted for use in the construction industry.

Augmented Reality(AR)-Virtual Reality (VR) is the newest technology that has gained worldwide popularity.

How does AR/VR benefit the construction industry?

The benefits of using VR and AR in construction ranges from training, planning, to marketing.

  • AR is a great tool to use when interacting with complex information as it deals with the integration of real-life objects with a computer-generated image.
  • Implementation of AR from the initial phase will help in creating a virtual image of the structure, providing both the engineers and the architects with information concerning design flaws and the changes to be made, reducing the time required for rectifications.
  • VR provides a way to simulate an entire environment or scenario. For example, VR can be used to show clients a visual of what a proposed project will look like once it is completed.
  • VR can be used to give workers hands-on experience and training prior to entering a job site, which will help to educate and plan, as well as improve the overall productivity and the safety of workers on-site.
  • AR helps engineers and mechanics in complex modelling design, monitoring events in real-time using a smartphone, and displaying product options to customers.
  • At job sites, crews can be given access to 2D and 3D drawings on any mobile device, for inspecting the job virtually through a smartphone and a VR viewer.
  • The launch of AR on smartphones, glasses and smart helmets seem to be the main focus of its application for the construction sector. Microsoft HoloLens, for example, can help view design models, and with the technology scan the environment regularly, to make immediate corrections to any design flaw detected, in real-time.
  • In residential and commercial projects, AR/VR can be used to provide customers with a virtual tour of the facility/structure under construction, resulting in better customer experience and understanding, leading to better marketing of projects and higher conversion rates in terms of sales.

Variations to AR, known as assisted reality and mixed reality(a combination of AR and VR) are also being developed, and all these technologies can be used to incorporate other sensory information, including sounds.

Technology adoption, dynamic approaches to construction delivery and implementation of new operating standards, are pertinent in driving the infrastructure and construction growth in Saudi Arabia.

With the objective of incorporating sustainable development goals into the currently undertaken processes, the Saudi government has been actively working towards investing in green buildings while standardising the building rating system. Therefore, the Kingdom has adopted the use of these disruptive technologies with a vision to increase productivity in construction, decrease construction costs and improve site safety at a fundamental level.

The implementation of VR/AR in different areas of the construction industry will aid in the efficient management of projects during the various phases of construction, such as conceptual design, detailed design, planning, and construction completion.

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